Baby’s blanket

Baby’s blanket

So this is it. The moment I have imagined thousands of times. I’m making a baby blanket – for MY baby.

You see, when I started crotcheting in 2017, I had no idea what world I’d entered. The world of yarn addicts, pattern addicts, needle (or hook) junkies and a world full of colours, materials and textures. I started making blankets, amigurumi, small accessoires and baby clothes and caught myself regreting that I won’t have an own baby to crochet for since after my son (born in 2010) and my daughter (born in 2011) we decided to not have anymore kids.

Well, as we all know, life can be quite funny and here I am, pregnant at 27 weeks and crocheting along wildely. It was much harder to decide on a pattern than I assumed it would be, but since it’s THE blanket and THE occasion I always dreamed of I needed to be sure about the pattern 100%. I started three or four I before deciding on this one.

Two more colours to come! (yellow and berry)

I chose four colours and a minimalistic, yet colourful and girly colour theme. I want to keep things simple this time, it’s my third baby and I really want us to be more grounded, more sustainable, more slow-living. This blanket will be large enough for my baby girl to grow with her and to keep her warm through her first years.

I’m thinking of making a tutorial about it, but first I need to finish the blanket. And honestly, I want this blanket-making-progress to long forever… Let me know if you’re interested in the pattern. I’d love to share the happiness crocheting for your own baby can mean to an expecting momma (or her friends, relatives, supporters…).

Yarn: Drops Cotton Merino / Hook: Custom order from

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